Aleksander xhuvani online dating

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Aleksander xhuvani online dating

From 1933 until 1936 all private schools were banned, which in practice meant that Catholic schools could not operate in Albania.

The government of Zog was forced to backtrack after Italian and international pressure.

All religions and religious beliefs are respected and their free practice is guaranteed.They would also have no jurisdiction in the Albanian state, no subsidies or relations with outside organisations or persons.In 1928, a new constitution was put in force which proclaimed King Zog and abolished Islamic law, Canon Law and the Albanian customary law, adopting in their place a civil code based on the Swiss one, as Ataturk's Turkey had done in the same decade.Religious institutions were forbidden to have anything to do with the education of the young, because that had been made the exclusive province of the state.All religious communities were prohibited from owning real estate and from operating philanthropic and welfare institutions and hospitals.

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Religion in no way can be used as a prohibition or legal obstacle of any kind.