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Consolidating student loans other debt

In some cases, unpaid student and personal loans may be candidates for consolidation.Explore your options with a PSECU representative today.Both Fannie and Freddie are the agencies who create the guidelines that all lenders must confirm to when approving a Conventional conforming loan.Conventional financing includes Fannie Mae’s low down payment programs Home Ready and Freddie MAc’s Home Possible Advantage loan.

Just as you wouldn't use a screwdriver to hammer in a nail, debt consolidation isn't a one-size-fits all solution.A payment of 1% of the balance must be used for repayment or confirm what the actual payment will be when no longer in deferment or calculate a fully amortized payment.For student loans in deferment or in forbearance, Freddie Mac requires all lenders to use the greater of the payment on credit report or 1% or the greater of the original loan balance or outstanding balance.The FICO scoring formula will penalize your credit score because you owe more than you initially borrowed….is similar as if you are exceeding your credit limit on a revolving credit card….it’s a signal that a borrower is in financial distress.If needing higher credit scores, you may want to consider paying down the student loan balance so that it doesn’t exceed the original loan limit.

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Qualified applicants can take advantage of: Borrow against your savings at 2% more than you are currently earning in dividends (variable-rate).