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Crane dance for dating

Fascinating footage of the crane, built by LEGO lover Dawid Szmandra in Poland, showcases the model's impressive design and intricate functions.The eight-minute viral clip has clocked up more than 80,000 views on You Tube in just 48 hours.The base part of the crane can be seen on its side in the building site near the Gangseo District Office in the city. “The people most seriously injured were those who were standing in the middle.” “There was a huge bang and I saw people fleeing the bus,” a 36-year-old witness told the newspaper.It collapsed as its operator was trying to hoist a 5-tonne excavator to the top of a five-storey building, police said. Police cordoned off the area and forensics officers were examining the scene for clues into the causes of the accident.“I guess there’s a lot bigger guys, with bigger reputations, in the squad – so they tend to get the limelight.

Other events included a pumpkin parade, pumpkin catapult and pumpkin derby.A rope is tied to the pumpkin and a black SUV below, ensuring that it drops in the right spot.When the pumpkin hits the SUV it splatters into tiny chunks.Leg-spinner Crane could be forgiven having a little trepidation as well as excitement at the impending possibility of making his debut in the cavernous backyard of the all-time master of his art, Australia and Victoria great Shane Warne.But he is betraying none of that, and said: “If I’m called upon it will be great. “It will be awesome if I do get the chance to play ...

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Witnesses told how they heard a “huge bang” when the neck of the crane smashed through the roof of the bus.