Cupid arrows dating

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Cupid arrows dating

As part of its new "mature readers" line, DC gave writer/artist Mike Grell the chance to reinvent Green Arrow again in mini-series, followed by an ongoing series.

In 2000, writer Kevin Smith (yeah, ongoing series, which also returned the action to Star City.Strangely enough the only thing that changed during this time period was Oliver and Roy's backgrounds.Over the years, Oliver had devolved into a Rich Idiot with No Day Job and there was no explanation for how he had become the world's greatest archer or where Roy Harper acquired his training.This series also became notorious for the scene in which the assassin Shado rapes Oliver Queen, though it was mistakenly referred to as an affair by other writers in the years to follow.After Grell left the series, it was reintegrated with the rest of the DCU just before Zero Hour.

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Oliver taught himself archery and basic hunting skills to survive.