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Amazon: Husband After God | Wife After God This refreshing 30 day devotional for wives was prayerfully composed with biblical concepts and practical challenges to help you nourish your relationship with God and your relationship with your husband into ones that are captivating, intimate and extraordinary.Captivating The encouragements in this devotional will help you create captivating closeness with God and with your husband.There are also journal questions to consider each day, along with a prayer.We are looking forward to the fresh season of spring and this exciting challenge that will draw us closer to God.Share your list with your family sometime during the day – and thank them for those things! Today, think of someone in your life who has helped you to know God better.Mail them a note, send them an email or tell them in person that you are thankful for their help and example of faith along the way.Today, make a list of ‘little things’ that you appreciate.

Extraordinary Journey through this devotional and experience extraordinary transformation both as a Christian and as a wife.

Each day, throughout the month of November I will take time out of to ponder the many blessings I’ve experienced and to express that gratitude to God and to others. It might be something a family member has done for you, or it might be for a character quality you see in their lives. Due to the fast pace of our lives these days, most of us have forgotten the blessings of silence and reflection. If you aren’t into technology, just give or send a hand-written note. Thank God for allowing us to live in a country where we are allowed to vote.

Take a few minutes sometime today, find a quiet spot and thank God for the gift of silence and solitude. Sure, we don’t live in a “perfect” country, but we can certainly be thankful for the many freedoms we enjoy that many people around the world only dream of having. We all experience hard times, but God is with us even in the worst circumstances.

My husband and I just completed a 31 day challenge where we committed to pray for each other through the month of January using our prayer resources Thirty-One Prayers For My Husband & For My Wife.

We loved that thousands of you in our online communities took the challenge with us!

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Offer up thanks to God today, for giving us the Scriptures. Brave men and women who have served their country with honor surround us. If you know of a World War 2 veteran, call one up to say thanks.

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