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Dating old kingdom tombs

It is possible that carob, fig, doom palm, and persea were also employed, because they are either mentioned in inscriptions or supplied fruits that have been found in early tombs.

The lack of superior wood in Egypt made its importation imperative.

Carpentry and furniture manufacture were among the earliest trades plied in ancient Egypt, and by the Old Kingdom woodworking had become a well-developed craft practiced by accomplished artisans.

The elegant furniture found within the Fourth Dynasty tomb of Queen Hetep-heres I attests to the high level of craftsmanship that had been attained and to a skilled tradition of woodworking, which made it one of the most significant Egyptian minor arts.

Her chairs are also fitted with leonine legs, which from the Fourth Dynasty forward became common.

Of the two chairs found only one could be reconstructed completely, but both appear to have had similar solid cubic forms with low, deep seats and decorated side panels.

Furniture legs continued to be finished with pedestal feet of this kind even after the Old Kingdom. The bed frames vary in style from very simple objects, constructed from four fortuitously bent tree branches, to complex examples.

The wood available in Egypt is poor in quality and limited in quantity— circumstances that make the development of a highly skilled carpentry trade striking.

Although the identification of wood species has often been overlooked during artifact analyses, we know that some indigenous trees used by furniture makers from the Predynastic Period through the Old Kingdom included acacia, tamarisk, willow, sycamore, date palm, poplar, and sidder.

This development is corroborated by eleven beautifully carved wood panels discovered in Hesi-re’s mastaba by Auguste Mariette during the mid-nineteenth century: these show Hesi-re in raised relief assuming a variety of poses with refined furnishings of various kinds; for example in one panel he is seated upon a bovine- or gazelle-legged stool in front of a table (cat. This rare archaeological find lay in a small room at the bottom of a deep shaft near the pyramid of the queen’s son Khufu at Giza. Many objects were inlaid and covered with gold foil, but unfortunately much of the original wood had deteriorated, leaving gilding and inlay fragments on the floor.

Among the grave goods was a collection of royal furniture including a bed, a portable canopy, several boxes, two chairs, and a carrying chair (cat. Several pieces that were painstakingly reconstructed by the excavators are characterized by both an elegance and a simplicity of design and proportion.

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Thus cedar, cypress, fir, pine, yew, and perhaps also birch were transported from the area of Syria and Lebanon, while ebony was brought in from regions to the south of Egypt, particularly the Sudan and Ethiopia.

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