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Through its network, the broadcaster covers 98.6% of Brazil's territory.

Recognized for its production quality, the company has already been presented with 14 international Emmys.

The network's main production studios are located at a complex dubbed Estúdios Globo, located in Jacarepaguá.

It is composed of 122 owned and affiliate television stations throughout Brazil Rede Globo is one of the largest media companies in the world, and produces around 2,400 hours of entertainment and 3,000 hours of journalism per year in Brazil.

The network has been responsible for the 20 most-watched TV programs broadcast on Brazilian television, including Avenida Brasil, a 2012 record-breaking telenovela that reached 50 million viewers and was sold to 130 countries.

On 30 December 1957, the National Council of Telecommunication (Portuguese: Conselho Nacional de Telecomunicações, or CONTEL) published a decree which granted a channel in Rio de Janeiro to TV Globo Ltda.

Os Trapalhões began the next year, continuing until 1995, together with the network's morning news program, Bom Dia São Paulo (Good Morning São Paulo), which four years later would have a national version.

The network's audience share increased in the late 1970s, eventually clinching the top ratings spot of Brazil television.

The network's famous Plim-Plim interval sound also debuted that year.

The network's 1976 broadcasting scheduling process developed the Padrão Globo de Qualidade (Globo's Quality Standard): two soap operas, followed by Globo Repórter newscasts, and one to two more drama shows or cinema, comedy programming and others.

Its theme music, "The Fuzz" by Frank De Vol, became one of the show's trademarks, together with the program logo and the "Boa Noite" ("Good evening") closing established by the hosts.

Its success was followed by the launch of Jornal Hoje (Today's Journal) on 21 April 1971, the same day in which its Brasilia station (TV Globo Brasília, Channel 10) was inaugurated.

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This was the reason Silvio Santos, one of the network's original variety show presenters since 1965, backed out of Globo, and moved his 11-year-old program (Programa Silvio Santos, The Silvio Santos Program) to Rede Tupi, while putting up his own network, TVS (now SBT) in the process the next year, even bringing his own show there.

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