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Free sex text chat with tina

Anthony Chau of IGN wrote in 2001 that her offense in Dead or Alive 3 "can pack quite a wallop.Of all the grapplers in the game, she has the most balanced attacks; she can dish out good punch and kick combinations or piledrive opponents with powerful authority." He added that with her variety of throws, "she's one of the most exciting fighters to play." Game Spot wrote in their Dead or Alive 4 strategy guide, "Tina's moveset is definitely that of a wrestler: lots of powerful mid and high punches, complemented by a dizzying array of throws", while players have to "be an expert at baiting" their opponent into attempting to counter their moves.She gets her wish and begins modeling on a television show.

Tina then takes out Virtua Fighter character Sarah Bryant as her reaction to Zack confusing her with Sarah.

In Dead or Alive 2, Tina aspires to become a supermodel, for which she bleaches her hair blonde and dresses in skimpy outfits.

She ends up having to fight her own father in the competition, and emerges victorious.

She goes on to star in an action film after the tournament concludes.

She joins the fourth competition in Dead or Alive 4 now wanting to become a rock star, over which she and Bass quarrel before she officially defeats him for a third time.

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is a player character in the Dead or Alive fighting game franchise by Team Ninja and Tecmo Koei.

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