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Compared to 1000 testimonials on this site, the best the competition can do is 55. Clark's method but not a single testimonial exclusive to their zapper. If you have any doubts about The Ultimate Zapper they will vanish once you read the stories of MIRACLES & LIVES SAVED (including pets). I ordered your ultimate zapper whilst in Thailand ...You will also find these testimonials under their appropriate categories below. Hi Ken, Yes, the zapper completely cured me of Lyme disease and I was very ill about seven years ago for two years and doctors were getting nowhere with antibiotics, anti-proizodals etc. 15 years earlier when i developed SIBO and candida which caused leaky gut ... I have been using your Ultimate Zapper quite successfully for many years. 22, 2014 Hi Ken, It's been two months and twenty days since I last communicated with you. Do you have any testimonial/report from the users who took QE2 oversees where the voltage is different?Plus it is chasing my cold away better than anything I've tried before! But she is making dinner every evening on her wheelchair.

This is the only zapper website in the world with an archive updated regularly documenting the unsolicited success stories of satisfied customers since 1996.But in the process after that, viruses nesting in the brain stem prevented the brain from recovering. After the elimination of viruses her recovery was so remarkable thanks to UZ. First of all, I received a new Ultimate Zapper today for my friends in Ukraine.Secondly, those friends even before they received their own zapper are amazed of its power. During the week I got information that the guy for whom I ordered a zapper got a relapse of MS. My mother-in-law told me that she gave her own zapper to him until his own will arrive.New 2017 testimoonials are designated with 3 asterisks. Spelling and punctuation errors have been corrected.Several customers have submitted testimonials that discuss results for more than one illness.

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The index now comprises 25 categories with 1000 testimonials that are indexed and numbered.

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