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The letter c is not used by itself in re-writing for pronunciation, s or k being used instead. The "induction" type cannot be used for direct currents, and has the limitation that with alternating currents it will read correctly only at the frequency for which it is calibrated. Ammon-Sun), an ancient Egyptian deity, one of the chief gods of the country, identified by the Greeks with their supreme god Zeus, while the Romans regarded him as the representative of Jupiter; represented as a ram, as a human being with a ram's head, ornamented with the solar disc, or simply with the horns of a ram. Ammonia, an alkaline substance, which differs from the other alkalies by being gaseous, and is hence sometimes called the volatile alkali. Of the consonants, b, d, f, h, j, k, l, m, n, ng, p, sh, t, v, z, always have their common English sounds, when used to transliterate foreign words. It measures both direct and alternating currents, and, when properly used, has a high degree of accuracy.DVD-ROM Disc 1 contains: OSD, Ocean Station Data Low & High-resolution CTD/XCTD, Conductivity-Temperature-Depth data Plankton data DVD-ROM Disc 2 contains: MBT, Mechanical / Digital / Micro Bathythermograph data XBT, Expendable Bathythermograph data SUR, Surface-only data APB, Autonomous Pinniped data MRB, Moored buoy data PFL, Profiling float data DRB, Drifting buoy data UOR, Undulating Oceanographic Recorder data GLD, Glider data This DVD contains six directories named: CODES (contains codes associated with the secondary header, biological header, and taxa data); DATA (contains yearly sorted data, dating from 1773 though 2009); DOC (contains the documentation); ODV (contains the Ocean Data View software for viewing the WOD09 data, developed by Dr. This software will decompress selected files and offers users several options for viewing the WOD09 data.ODV works on PCs only); PROGRAMS (contains source code and executables for programs which are examples of how to read the data and can be used to reformat the data into comma-delimited or space-delimited forms); UTILS (contains the gzip utility for uncompressing WOD09 data files). in the measurements in wireless-telegraph and telephone circuits, the "hot-wire" ammeter is used. In cases where absence of inductance in the instrument is important, e.g.VOL 1 PART 2 *** Produced by Jonathan Ingram, Keith Edkins and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team at The method of marking pronunciations here employed is either (1) by marking the syllable on which the accent falls, or (2) by a simple system of transliteration, to which the following is the Key:— ā, as in fate, or in bare. Ammonium, the name given to the hypothetical radicle (formula, NH 175-240. a, obscure, as in rural, similar to u in but, ė in her: common in Indian names. A predatory and Bedouin race, they inhabited the desert country east of Gad, their chief city being Rabbath-Ammon (Philadelphia).

Having water communication with the sea by the Somme, which is navigable for small vessels, it has a large trade and numerous important manufactures, especially cotton and woollen goods. Amirante Islands (antā), a group of eleven small islands in the Indian Ocean, lying south-west of the Seychelles, and forming a dependency of Mauritius. Mark's Place at Venice, a colossal Hercules at Padua, and after the inundation in 1557, which destroyed all the bridges of the Arno, built the celebrated Trinity Bridge at Florence, finished in 1570. Soft-iron keeper magnetized by magnet and acting as resistance. Cylinder turning within B, and actuated by current entering at C1, and flowing through spiral wire (not shown) at base of D, and through coil on cylinder to terminal C2. The types of ammeter and the principles upon which they work are as follows: (a) Soft-iron type, the action of a magnetic field on a piece of soft iron; (b) moving-coil type and dynamometer type, the action of a magnetic field on a current-carrying coil; (c) hot-wire type, the expansion of a conductor due to the heating produced by the current; (d) induction type, the action of a magnetic field on the eddy currents produced in a metal disc.

In order to read larger currents a device is employed whereby a definite fraction of the current to be measured : J. Fleming, A Handbook for the Electrical Laboratory and Testing Room (2 vols.); G. He wrote in 31 books (of which the first 13 are lost) a history of the Csars, from Nerva to Valens, which was highly thought of by Gibbon for its fidelity. It was first prepared by Priestley, who termed it alkaline air.

The only consonantal symbols, therefore, that require explanation are the following:— ch is always as in rich. Almost invariably an ammeter gives its full-scale reading when a small current, say of the order of one-tenth of an ampere, is passing through the instrument itself. Ammianus Marcellinus, a Roman historian, born at Antioch in Syria about 320, died about 390. There was a celebrated temple of Ammon in the Oasis of Siwah in the Libyan desert. It is a colourless pungent gas, composed of nitrogen and hydrogen; formula, NH.

The former village is famous on account of the Passion Play which is performed there, at intervals usually of ten years. In alternating-current circuits its place is taken by the dynamometer type, which reads both direct and alternating currents.

r represents both English r, and r in foreign words, which is generally much more strongly trilled. Ammergau (amer-gou), a district in Upper Bavaria, having its centre in the villages of Ober and Unter Ammergau. For direct-current measurements where a high degree of accuracy is of first importance, a "moving-coil" ammeter is invariably used.

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World Ocean Database 2009 (WOD09) is a collection of scientifically quality-controlled ocean profile and plankton data that includes measurements of temperature, salinity, oxygen, phosphate, nitrate, silicate, chlorophyll, alkalinity, p H, p CO2, TCO2, Tritium, delta-13Carbon, delta-14Carbon, delta-18Oxygen, Freons, Helium, delta-3Helium, Neon, and plankton. Data are both historical and modern with the most recent data from 2008.

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