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Non sedating benadryl alternative

We have drugs that selectively block both kinds of histamine receptors.The common antihistamines (Benadryl, Chlortripalon, Atarax, Claritin, Seldane, and Hismanal) are H1 blockers.There are two kinds of histamine receptors, H1 and H2.

However, Seldane and Hismanal ran into big problems with adverse effects.

Once inflammation is established in tissues by immune cell invasion and mediator release, recovery may take several days to weeks.

Antihistamines are drugs which block the receptors so that the histamine messages are not received.

Skin sensations local itching or burning sensation, flushing and a disagreeable heat.

Stomach pain acid secretion increases; small intestine contracts with crampy pain Respiratory - nose swelling, congestion, sneezing and wheezing.

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