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Texcount online dating

According to Amstrad's public relations people, the company will be attending a 'major computer exhibition' in March to be held in Moscow.Amstrad, it seems, have already made a name for themselves in the Eastern bloc with their music centres.Yet software like PCW Super DOS - featured on this month's cover and reviewed at length later in the magazine - has the potential to translate CP/M's perfunctory A prompt into a golden gateway.By divesting the PCWs operating system of its harsh unyielding prompt and replacing it with a friendlier, more communicative front end, innovative software like this is going to enable further PCW users to harness even more of their desktop power. Out we ».»■ cannot accept tta Ottrry tor any |*

Getting to grips with what our French counterparts quaintly term 'les manipulations CP/Miennes' can involve cutting your way slowly through a jungle of syntax that has about as much charm as a Morse code emergency signal.

Thomas Weidmann tells us that his company have access to Czech keyboards - an advance which not even Amstrad have yet got into - and as far as we know this makes the PCW uniquely useful for that market.

With the PCW already a top seller in Russia and with Amstrad looking for even more expansive trade deals, it might be hoped software firms will enter into the fray and that consequently British PCW users will (eel the benefit.

With thousands of members nationwide, the Amstrad Professional User Group has proved, beyond doubt, to be the essential add-on for Amstrad Computer Users.

Members enjoy On-Line Technical Assistance, Substantial Discounts on Hardware and Software, a monthly Magazine, Newsletter and Offers, Nationwide Training, Welcome Pack and choice of quality Free Gift upon joining.

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This was seen as a boon for Russian language students at the time.

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