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hen Nicolas Winding Refn’s The Neon Demon premiered in Cannes this May, it gnashed its way to instant notoriety as the most divisive film of the festival: booed and catcalled at the end of its first press screening, but also celebrated as a hair-raising masterwork, dripping with the director’s customary style.Even the second press screening was a far more muted affair – the cat was out of the bag about how far Refn had taken his story in its third act (spoilers here: it's a cannibalistic feeding frenzy, all undigested body parts and Shining-esque tides of blood spilling out from female groins).t’s implied that they’ve slept their way into any number of lucrative photoshoots, sure, but they’re allowed to be in charge of their erotic gameplan, at least up to a point.

hrough juxtaposition in the frame, Ruby is visually associated with a stuffed leopard in the mansion she’s looking after, and by extension with another predatory wildcat, the escaped mountain lion which ransacks Jesse’s motel room earlier on.It scores a lot of blackly funny points about the perceived shelf-life of feminine beauty, by sending Elle Fanning’s 16-year-old ingénue model to Hollywood and witnessing her shock, then corruption, then consumption inside the ravenous maw of haute couture.ven if much about the film is openly ridiculous, little about it is negligible or un-self-aware – for the most part, it’s pointedly set on advancing its given argument, even if it’s one that drifts towards increasingly grisly gynophobia.It’s clear Refn wants to push our buttons right through all this, and provoke exactly the spluttering outrage he got in Cannes.You suspect he wouldn’t feel satisfied without hearing his film vocally despised, setting it up to become the stuff of a million think pieces like this.

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It’s a question of context, and how this scene – which stands alone, advancing nothing in the overall arc of the story, and is one of very few not to feature Fanning – slots into the film’s overall thesis.

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