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Elsewhere, the kids celebrate Halloween, but Blake isn't pleased with his lamb costume.Season 2, Episode 3July 8, 2010The Masches pack up in just two days to move out of their home and into Jenny's parents' place.Soon, more problems arise, prompting the pair to return to marriage counseling.Season 2, Episode 5July 22, 2010The Masches make the five-day trip to move to Florida while the kids battle fevers.A mother-of-three added six more to the family when she gave birth to sextuplets yesterday.In just four minutes, Courtney and Eric Waldrop, 35, became parents of nine when they welcomed three boys and three girls to the world to join their three older sons.

But last week she announced she had carried the sextuplets to 29 weeks, meaning they reached their 30 week goal.Elsewhere, the family celebrate Bryan's birthday. Season 2, Episode 7August 5, 2010Jenny starts her job at the hospital while Bryan takes on the role of stay-at-home dad.Elsewhere, Jenny plants a garden to save money on groceries; the kids' habit of climbing into bed with Jenny and Bryan takes a toll on the couple; and the grandparents pitch in for a surprise gift.All six babies came out crying and Courtney and the sextuplets are doing well, according to social media posts by friends and family.This is a relief for the couple from Alabama who had a long history of heartbreaking miscarriages after having their first son Saylor in 2008.

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The middle-school sweethearts said they always wanted a big family but to their surprise doctors discovered six fetuses in Courtney's womb.

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